Billing for Hasura

Having an active billing account is mandatory to create pro-tier clusters on Hasura. Billing accounts can be created and managed in the Hasura Dashboard. This section details the process of adding and modifying a billing account.

Adding and activating billing account

Log in to Hasura Dashboard and add your payment details at You will be asked to add credit card related information like card details, your name and the billing address. Your card will also be temporarily charged with $1 to verify the information provided. This transaction will be reversed immediately after the verification in a few minutes.

Modifying billing information

You may want to modify your billing information to either change details like CVV, billing address, etc. or replace a saved card.

Changing the saved card

To replace a saved card, please drop a note to from your registered email address. We will work with our payment service provider to clear the details of your current card and notify you. You are then expected to add a replacement card within 72 hours. Failure to do so may lead to your pro-tier clusters being temporarily suspended.

Changing billing information

To change your billing details like CVV, address, etc., please drop a note to from your registered email address. You will be notified once the details have been updated.

Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your subscription, simply delete your pro-tier clusters. Your card will be charged as usual at the end of the billing cycle for the outstanding amount.

Transfer ownership of a cluster

Drop a note to from your registered email address, copying the new owner.